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If your phone case could do with a little makeover, here are five cute, simple ways you can jazz it up.

Option 1: Rainbow Button Phone Case

Just get buttons in the colors of the rainbow, glue them on to the case in rainbow order, and finish off with a coat of ModPodge.

Option 2: Lace Phone Case (Picture not given)

Tape off the edges of a plain black case case. Lay a piece of lace over the back of the case. Pull it tight (you can use tape to secure it in place.

Paint over it with gold paint. Spray paint works best, but you can use other types of paint in a pinch.

Remove the lace and let the case dry.

Option 3: Pressed Flower Case

Arrange your flowers in a design you like and start gluing them down.

Then, you’ll cover it with resin (buy it at craft stores). Follow the instructions on the packaging, then carefully apply to your phone case. Use a popsicle stick to help you get it even. Use a Q-tip dipped in nail polish remove to clean up any edges, and gently blow on bubbles to make them disappear.

Option 4: Glitzy Glam

Use glitter, tinsel, and streamers to create a pattern you like. You can use scissors or a hole punch to make shapes you like.

Cover the inside of your case in ModPodge and quickly place the glittery stuff on top (either drop it or use the tip of your finger).

Let it dry. Then, if it needs another coat, add more!

If you want to change the color of your case, add a thin coat of paint at this step (remember, on the inside of the case). Let it dry.

Finish with a thin layer of ModPodge to seal it in.

Option 5: Bedazzled Bling

All you need is some gems and strong glue. Put your gems in a pattern you like, then start gluing them down.

Use small gems to fill in any gaps.

Source: Gurl & Wambie

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