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Valentine’s Day is coming up, and if you want to show your friends how much you love them here’s the perfect gift – a wire heart necklace or bracelet.

You need:

Pliers, a chain, a clasp, 2 jump rings, jewelry wire (don’t use anything thinner than 20g), a pencil or pen, scissors, and strong glue (E-6000 is good).


First, you’ll need to make a wire “rope”:

Cut 1 foot of wire. Fold it in half, using a pencil or pen to make a point.

First, you’ll make a straight wire “rope”. Hold the ends of the wire with the pliers, then twist the wire with the pencil. Keep twisting until you get a tight spiral, like in picture 4.

Slide the pencil off the wire, and cut off the loop. It should look like a rope of wire.

Now, let’s create the heart:

Fold the “rope” in half, making a V-shape (picture 4). This will be the top V on the heart.

Place your pencil on the outside of the V. Loop the wire towards you to create one of the rounded tops of the heart. Flip, and do the same on the other side (picture 5).

Bring the ends of the wire together to make a point. Glue them together. Let dry. (picture 6)

Finally, add the chain:

Grab your chain and cut it into two equal lengths. With a jump ring, attach a piece of chain to each side of the heart (picture 7).

Attach the clasp onto the chain to finish.

That’s it!

One you get the hang of the wire twisting and shaping technique, you can make all kinds of shapes.

Source : Wambie & Quiet Lion Creations

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